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Αρχική -- Job Market -- JobMarket Notices -- Traineeship positions- ICT Infrastructure and Support in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

Traineeship positions- ICT Infrastructure and Support in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

ECHA/TRN/2020/004 - ICT Infrastructure and Support - Unit I1

The IT Infrastructure and Support Unit manages services to ensure the adequacy, availability and performance of ECHA's IT Infrastructure and products. It ensures the smooth deployment into production and operations of ECHA's IT systems. It offers support services to internal and external users. The Unit is composed of two Programmes, with the Trainee joining the ICT Helpdesk Programme. ICT Helpdesk provides support and expert advice to internal and external customers on an array of back office and bespoke applications, managing hardware stock, providing a centralised incident management helpdesk for IT Services; the Programme manages contracts and contractors delivering many of the services, provides project management for Identity Access management (IAM) and reporting on incident management.


The ICT Helpdesk trainee will assist the ICT Helpdesk Team with projects and operational work to support the business needs of the different IT areas. He/she will act as the internal support for ECHA staff in IT issues, receiving and logging calls and performing analysis and troubleshooting of incidents. The ICT Helpdesk Trainee will be required to provide solutions and advice to the users or escalate incidents to the appropriate team. The main duties of the role shall cover, among others:

 Assisting in setup and maintenance of office automation environments (installation of workstations, printers, telephones and other peripherals, dual-factor authentication token assignment);

 Contributing towards resolving incidents as first line support in (mostly) Microsoft Windows and Office environment;

 Supporting the ICT HD Team in the roll-out of the projects planned for 2020 (Office 365 roll-out, Edge browser, …)

 Supporting the logistics aspects of ICT related activities (receiving deliveries, moving of ICT assets, etc.);

 Supporting the activities related to the annual inventory of ICT assets;

 Assisting in the encoding of incoming incidents at ICT Helpdesk and assigning them to relevant support groups in collaboration with the other members of the team;

 Assisting to incident management according to the Remedy functionalities and classification by applying best practice methodology to incident management, thu sensuring high levels of quality in terms of content and drafting as well as timeliness;

 Contributing to the further development and improvement of the ICT helpdesk IT tools as to the classification system of questions enabling an appropriate knowledge management.


 Completed university studies at least to bachelor degree level in Information Technology, Computer Science, Process Engineering;

 Analytical capabilities, problem solving attitude and technical skills on Networking TCP/IP stack and Windows Operating Systems;

 Experience in using MS Office tools;

 Theoretical and/or practical experience with commercial service management tools (e.g. Remedy ticketing system) and ITIL practices;

 Experience in an international/multicultural environment;

 Good communication and interpersonal skills;

 Aptitude for team work;

 Excellent command of written and spoken English.

Starting Date: 01 March 2020

Duration: 6 months

Deadline for applications: 18 November 2019 at midnight 24:00 Helsinki time (23:00 p.m. CET)

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