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Post-Doctoral Research Associate Automated Tissue Engineering

Post-Doctoral Research Associate Automated Tissue Engineering

CUTISS AG is a Swiss Start-up company run by a team of 18 experienced professionals. Our mission is to provide personalized tissue therapy to patients suffering from severe skin defects globally. Current treatment methods of patients with skin defects (e.g. burns) suffer from donor shortage and result in disfiguring debilitating scars. To increase the quality of life of these patients, we have developed denovoSkin™. Briefly, autologous single cells are isolated from small skin biopsy of a patient, amplified in culture, and used to bioengineer skin grafts, to finally be grafted on the same patient. denovoSkin™ solves donor shortage and minimizes scarring after transplantation.

CUTISS AG is a start-up project currently incubated at Wyss Zurich. As a next step, CUTISS AG aims at designing an Automated Platform to standardize and accelerate denovoSkin™ manufacturing. We are in search of a Post-Doctoral Research Associate Automated Tissue Engineering (100%) to join our Research and Development Team in the development of nextgeneration skin grafts.

The candidate is tasked with the delivery of a viable prototype that can automatically produce bioengineered skin. He/she will develop and integrate three separate modules for cell isolation, cell expansion, and tissue (graft) formation into a fully closed and disposable system. The Reserach Associate is expected to closely collaborate with an automation company and the rest of the R&D and GMP teams. He/she will formulate functional requirements for the automation partner and provide handson feedback from on-site testing. He/she will ensure that the design of the production modules complies with the complex requirements of tissue expansion.

Work Environment: CUTISS AG is committed to creating a diverse work environment and applicants are considered without regard to ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age. Female researchers are encouraged to apply. Laboratory and office hours are flexible and may require working evenings and weekends. Work may involve long periods of standing and handling chemicals and/or hazardous biological material.

You hold a PhD degree in cell biology, bioprocess engineering or a related field. You have a strong knowledge of medical devices, mechatronics, mechanical engineering and industrial design. Practical experience conducting research independently in an academic or industrial setting is a must. Being highly proficient in spoken and written English, as well as possessing strong internal and external communication skills are required for this position. Ideally you bring along knowledge of QA/regulatory affairs (e.g. Good Manufacturing Practice, biocompatibility testing). Moreover, your interest in translational research, tissue engineering, skin biology and regenerative medicine will help you handle your tasks easily.

This position is available thanks to the  award of the H2020 SME Innovation Associate Grant. The Mobility Rule is applicable to this grant, meaning that at the time of recruitment, the applicant must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Switzerland for more than a total of 12 months over the last three years. Please note that applicants not fullfilling these requirements cannot be considered for this position.

CUTISS AG as a high-pace Start-up company offers flexible working hours in agreement with the supervisor. We offer 5 weeks holidays and a sharing of relocation costs.

We look forward to receiving your online application including a letter of motivation, CV, diplomas and certificates of employment via the following link: https://emea2.softfactors.com/job-opening/rgum-9zjPhdBcN6257kiqAA#/?lang=en. Please address your application to Jackie Vuistiner, Management Assistant, CUTISS AG, 8092 Zurich. Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

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